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  • Contemplating marriage and looking for a very special gift for your wife-to-be?           
  • Considering creating a symbol for your growing family and for the values you hold dear?
  • Wishing to add an impressive family crest to your family name?                 
  • Would you like to mark an important milestone in your life or career in a lasting and visual way?    
  • Does your old family crest need to be redrawn or copied, or possibly to be carefully reconstructed?
  • Need to create a distinct, long-lasting logo for your business or organization?  
  • If so, or for any other reason, you are welcome to contact us at, for a free consultation without obligation. We create new heraldic arms, redraw existing family crests and compose logotypes and emblems for businesses and organizations. The starting point is your request and requirements, followed by our knowledge of heraldic tradition and design, art and organization. Creative Heraldry can also offer a wide range of applications of heraldic images.    

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         Creative Heraldry is a studio specializing in creating images with heraldry as subject matter, such as: 

  • shields / escutcheons
  • coat of arms / armorial achievements for individual people and families. 
  • logos and emblems for companies, associations and various other organizations. 
  • heraldic illustrations and book covers.
  • portraits - see samples
  • and to give advice and develop ideas and concepts about such matters. 

Focus is on developing new images from an idea to a complete coat of arms or logo, usually in close consultation with our client. Other artworks concern older, already existing arms, which need to be redrawn, copied or reconstructed.

Creative Heraldry can offer a wide range of applications - see further Applications. 
















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