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Artwork from the studio

Original paintings                                                                      Paintings in gouache on high quality paper. Other techniques on request (water colour, or tempera on paper or vellum, acrylic or oil on board. Sizes in A4 (21 x29,7 cm) or 30x40 cms or on special request. Delivered unframed. 

Drawings in black ink                                                   Drawings in black ink on exclusive paper. Size  A4 (21x29,7 cm) or on request. Delivered unframed. 

Heraldic illustrations, book covers, bookplates              in black ink, water colour or gouache on paper. Digitalised formats (jpg, tif) for printing purposes included . 

Digitalised images                                                                  of original paintings/drawings as above as per samples on this page. Delivered över the net or on CD. 

Vectorised images                                                                  of the digitalised images as per samples on this page. av de digitaliserade bilderna enligt ovan. For printing of flags, posters or other large size pictures with excellent sharpness kept. Delivered over the net or on CD.  

More sample pictures from the studio                              click on image to the right.





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