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... on paper

Original paintings framed on a wall          Probably the most common way to display heraldic mages, i.e. framed as a picture on a wall at home or at the office. 

Posters & prints                                           We can assist you in printing originals in 200 grams semi-matt quality paper in various sizes from postcard format (A6) up to 70x100 cms.     

Bookplates, ex-libris                                    designed individually for your library, printed in black/white or full colour. Size 5x8 cm or on special request. Comes in cardboard boxes of 300 bookplates per box.

Book-stickers                                               with your name and heraldic arms. Printed on 300 g high-gloss paper. Size 5x17 cm.  

Invitation & gift cards - double cards         with your heraldic arms. Blank inside. Matching envelopes. Exlusive for occasions such as weddings, christenings, party invitations, family gatherings, company take-offs etc. 

... on cotton fabrics

Pictures on canvas                                      for offices and homes. Width up to 100 cm, length as requested.    

Flags                                                                    full size or as requested. Printed on cotton. Based on the vectorised images created by us. 

Badges                                                          Woven in textile. Full colours. Diameter size 14 cms. Suitable to handbags, riding-jackets, horse-blankets etc. 

... on vinyl

Marks & streamers                                      form-cut heraldic shields and coat of arms with text. For cars, bikes, trucks, boats & planes.  

... on wood

Shields & coats of arms                                cut in 3D in birchwood or limewood. Painted or unpainted.



... on gold & other metals   

Rings and other gems                         displaying your coat of arms or just the shield.

Seals                                                                    with your coat of arms or just the shield and motto engraved.  

Enameled shields                                            in full colour with the heraldic arms/logo & name of official bodies and companies.

Printed metal shields                                      in full colour with your heraldic arms/logo & name. For companies, consulates, organisations as well as for private homes and property.

































Framed originals         Posters & prints




  Invitation cards


  Canvas prints                 Flags                Textile badges


 Self-adhesive marks & streamers 


Armorial shields & sculptures in wood


A signet ring                    The engraved lock of a necklace


A model of a seal      A hand-engraved seal 


With an eye for heraldry                                                             Photographs by Carl Anders Breitholtz 2011

                                                                                                Copyright: 2011 Carl Anders Breitholtz